We offer detailing services to fit every car’s unique needs. Not sure what your car needs? We are the experts who know!


The top-notch service you need to protect your car. This 40+ step process takes multiple days to complete. We’ll do everything from removing and detailing each tire to the interior and finalizing everything Paintwork protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum lasting up to 9 years or our Infinite Lifespan multi layer coating.


Whether you see small swirls in your car’s paint – or iron flecks – this process is great for any car enthusiast who wants their car looking sharp year round.

Single Stage, 2-Stage, and Multi-Stage : Ready to get rid of the distracting imperfections on your car’s paint? We can help you choose the right service to remove up to 90% Correction of Flaws.


This service is only for the dedicated car owner. This service is reserved for car owners who own a true showcase piece. Museum quality restoration detailing and unbelievable results. (Priced Between $6795 and $10,000+)


Increase visibility, reduce nighttime glare, and watch the water seamlessly bead off your windshield. This coating is a chemical process and lasts up to 3 years!


Trust Our Garage

Each car is detailed by hand and all details are meticulously taken care of. We won’t sell you something you don’t need – and have the experience to guarantee our work.

  • All Work Comes With A Warranty or Service Guarantee
  • Our Attention to Detail is Unlike Any Other In The Industry
  • We are Professionally Trained and Certified in Detailing
  •  We’re All About Continued Training – And Constantly Work To Improve The Industry
Trust Our Expertise

We fully appreciate how difficult it is for people to find reliable and trustworthy garages to trust with their cars. We are always ready to prove to our customers that we are different!

  • We Work On All Makes And Models – From Just Rolled Off The Lot to Collector Cars
  • Our Closed Security System Ensures Your Car Is Safe
  • We Are Backed As A Gtechniq Certified Detailing Service
  • You’ll Only Find High-End Equipment and Products For Your Car
Cutting Edge Service For Every Car

This is more than just a towel and bucket process. We take our job seriously and use only the highest quality machines, process, and products.

  • More Than Quick Fixes – We Use Chemical Processes To Ensure Lasting Detail
  • We Have The Ability To Correct Light Scratches to Heavy Swirls In Your Paint
  • Even our Washes Use PH Neutral Shampoo/Foam
  • Ready To Go Beyond The Exterior – We’ll Take Care of Your Car’s Interior Needs Too
Attention To Detail Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Attention To Detail Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Even when we’re done, our customers still talk about our unmatched attention to detail. Other garages might call it OCD – but it’s our normal.

  • Getting Your Car Showroom Ready To Any Car Enthusiast
  • Our Estimated Work Hours Are Taken Seriously
  • We Don’t Rush The Process – Things Are Done Right The First Time
  • Over 15 Years Of Detailing Experience


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Interior and exterior detailing to get you out of the Wash, Buff, Wax cycle – and put you back in your car driving.


Little chips make your car look unloved – and can encourage rust to form. Our system seamlessly blends into your car for a clean, professional finish.


There are bumps in the road of life – literally. Save your car from everything the roads throw at you. And drive easy with our warranty – up to 9 years OR Infinitely.


While an automatic car wash might seem convenient – the abrasive soap can have damaging effects on your car’s paint, and does not remove things necessary to properly protect your car in the long haul such as metallic fallout, brake dust , and rail dust or clean out the door jams which is where rust often starts. Our S.M.A.R.T Exterior Wash will quickly give your car new life, and exceeds any local car wash offering, in that we include a iron decontamination, inner and outer wheel decontamination, and above average protection.


Help reduce nighttime glare and increase daytime visibility when driving. Our chemical glass coating process will make water bead off your car at 30mph and higher. Ice and bugs are easier to remove, and you will dramatically save on the cost of wiper blades, which in and of itself pays for the cost of our glass coatings package.


You might have just purchased your new car – but there are imperfections in the paint that the manufacturer already tried hiding. Resprayed panels, sanding, paint cracks – we have fixed it all.


Customize the package with any of the following services to meet your vehicle’s needs.

  • 3+ Hour Detail Service
  • Full Interior Detail
  • Interior Protectant Applied
  • Intense door jam detail
  • Smart Wash Included

*Starting Price

Above 3.2 hours  additional charges will be accrued

  • 6+ Hour Detail Service
  • Everything in the Inception Package  
  • 24+ step process
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Iron x Ferrous Iron Remover
  • Nano Scrub Decontamination
  • Machine Single Stage Polish
  • Gtechniq C2V3 6-8 Month Paint Sealant Applied
  • Optional upgrade to G1 30,000 mile glass sealant.
  • Optional Upgrade to our single stage polish and two year ceramic coating.
  • Optional rock chip repair.

*Starting Price

Pinnacle- Our most Popular Service
$1095* Small Car
  • 3-5 Day Detail Service
  • 40+ step process
  • Extensive wash process using the two bucket system and pH neutral shampoo/
  • Up to a Multi stage machine correction to remove up to 95% of the paint defects depending on the condition of the paintwork.
  • Paintwork protected with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra (9 Year Lifespan) or Gyeon Mohs Plus (Inifinite Lifespan but not as hard against micro marring as Ultra)
  • Optional bolt on upgrade to: Ceramic trim restorer, 2 + year lifespan
  • Optional Bolt ons: Upholstery, floor mats and carpets wet vacuumed the to remove any soiling and stains before being coated with G-Techniq I1 Smart Fabric, door cards, dash, plastics and vinyl deep cleaned before being treated with antibacterial, uv resistant long life coatings.
  • Optional Bolt Ons: Rock Chip repair
  • Final inspection, ‘toothpickery’ in required areas and a wipedown with inorganic spray sealant as needed. Long lasting tire shine applied.

*Starting Price for a small car e.g. X-Small 2-Door/Audi A3/BMW 2 Series/VW Golf GTI/Fiat 500/Mini Cooper additional charges for larger vehicles.

Pinnacle Advanced
  • 2 week + Service (100+ Detail Hours Required)
  • 75+ Step Process To A Better Than Showroom Finish. Show cars, or museum cars only.
  • Includes everything in the Pinnacle Package- and more!
  • Extensive wash process using the two bucket system and pH neutral shampoo/foam
  • Tar deposits and iron rich/metallic contaminants chemically treated
  • Complete Texture Leveling
  • Door Jamb Polishing
  • Further machine polished to burnish and refine the paint to a mirror-like, high gloss finish
  • Leather given a deep clean with water-based cleaners and protected with LTT Leather Guard
  • Multi-Stage Wet Sand
  • Recommended only for show cars or cars that have been resprayed. Some original factory painted cars qualify.
  • Optional Undercarriage ceramic coating and detailing

*Starting Price

We are here to help your car have the “just waxed” look - for up to 9 years!